Friday, July 10, 2009

Malachi's Accomplishments

Mom asked me if I had compiled a list of Malachi's vocabulary and accomplishments. So I did. It follows:

Malachi-to-English -Dictionary:

Assat?/! - "what's that?,"" How exciting!," "This is the same as that other thing is some fashion!"
Baby (and accompanying sign) - Malachi, exclusively. For other babies, see "Assat?"
Bundy - "Bunny!" Very proud of himself for this one, though he continues to work on nasalizing.
Bye-bye -good-bye, Leave me alone already, Korean admirers, why aren't we leaving yet? etc, along similar themes.
Cot - Cat. Only on rare occaions and with much prompting. strong (untraceable) british accent.
Dadda (and accompanying sign) - male parent, as in 'when is male parent coming home' or 'male parent would allow me to touch the television with impunity; why won't you?' or "My father has arrived!
Dakka - Thank you... and you're welcome.
Dog/dok - Canine. Or, animals in general.
doggididogididogidida, or gogidigogidigogidida - gibberish mocking the Korean language. Most useful when someone begins speaking Korean in earnest - Malachi responds (or interupts) resolutely with one or the other of these words.
Duckkkk - duck
EYEEEEE - Eye. Must involve stabbing someone's eye while saying it...
Ffffshss - Fish.
FFFSHKKK - Infant profanity.
Hi - self explanatory. But sometimes he just repeats it for no conceivable reason. It's newly acquired, so presumably that's the reason.
MMMM - I intend to kiss you; prepare yourself.
Momma - Mother, I'm lost, where are you, I'm upset, why is life so horrible, etc.
Nonono - usually directed at the mother, to inform her that what he is doing is unsuitable. He still engages in the behavior, but accompanies it with a firm 'nonono,' to let us know that he is aware of his misconduct. It is exasperating.
NOSSSsss - nose. Russian pronunciation preferred, because otherwise he thinks it's 'no.'
Num-num - interesting history. It began as "yummy" but has now become representative for food or drink in general - so, now it can mean "i'm hungry," "i'm thirsty" or "this is tasty"
OOFFF (or roof) - The bark of the dog.
Whersa? - where is that? Where did it go? Useful in hide-and-seek (or pookooh) games.

Can't think of any more at the moment, but thought these would be appreciated...