Saturday, April 11, 2009

Further Updates

We transferred our things from Lawrence KS to Joplin MO last Monday and ourselves to my parents' home on Tuesday. Extricating ourselves from our apartment lease was a difficult and shady business but we feel relieved to have it completed (or rather, we hope the deed is indeed complete) and have been enjoying our hobo-habitations. Malachi is particularly fond of my parents' emotionally needy German Shepherd - his vocabulary now includes "dog" - and of the gray wires that protrude from Dad's chin.

Thaddeus had a web-cam interview with the Korean Consulate on Wednesday. South Korea must have deemed him adequate and drug-free, because...

We have our e-tickets and itinerary. We're flying out of Northwest Arkansas Airport on Sunday April 19th, at 11:25 am. The concreteness of receiving tickets and times has created alternating panic and excitement for me, and the steady growth of anxious excitement for Thaddeus I think.