Saturday, April 25, 2009

Such is the Essential

My Malachi lives in a world of mysteries, and I too am beginning to. Today he has been considering the behavior of doors connected to hinges and I have been considering the male Korean voice that speaks to us at various times of the day through the peeling bronze intercom box located on the wall between our bathroom and bedroom. We have been amusing ourselves with every new fresh possibility presented by exploring our situations - will the voice sound calm or grave this time, will the door fly to the ceiling instead of clunking against the wall?

I'm sure he'll find that doors sway predictably, and I will eventually ask someone and learn that the intercom is merely a weather forecast or a periodic announcement such as “will the driver of the GPS-loaded Kia please relocate to an actual parking space and avoid both sidewalks and pedestrians in the future” or something similarly routine. The infinite unknown will be eclipsed with knowledge, and yet, I hope, a shadow of the infinite can somehow remain.